Monday, March 5, 2007

Chadwick Jordan

Busn 011



Bombs were going of all around me that could deafen or blind me if they got to close. The smell of gunpowder and flint was in the air. It was the first 3 months of 2001. And I was crawling threw a 5 foot deep puddle of mud, under bob were If swear that wanted me to bleed to death of die from rust poisoning. Deprived of food and sleep I had to hump an 80-pound backpack 20 miles a day. Looking, smelling, and feeling like road kill this was definitely torture. As I sat there in the middle of wilderness with my rifle above the water and my fellow marines behind trying to get thorough the course, while blocking out the pain of our bloody, blistered trench foot, I asked myself what I got myself into.

I would like to say I entered the m8ilitary because I was a patriotic highly motivated individual, but I know this is not the whole truth. The truth is I entered the military to make my father proud, originally an officer that is now a retired marine. If my dad wasn’t around I believe I still would have joined the military just maybe not this branch. I know this because I fell like in some other countr4ies military service should be mandatory, if not just for a few years. I know the military isn’t for everyone, but I also believe joining is only one-way to find out.

All the torture I went threw, as I liked to call it turned out to be a carefully planned learning and initiation process. I mean some General sat around and planned what you would be doing every minute for 3 months. The first months were marching, physical training and hand to hand combat. The second months was set aside to teach us how to use and master an arsenal of weapons; this also is when I learned that I swim like a fish. The third month was the last but not the least; this was without doubt the hardest month during training. This entire month was spent in the field, humping, and obstacle courses, more marching, navigating, this month was basically supposed to simulate a combat situation. And it did all right.

The knowledge I obtained from the military is priceless. Priceless to me because the things I learned can’t be taught anywhere else buy the military. The military has become a big part of who I am. I use what I have learned in the military every day of my life, and I have become thatch much better of a person. A lot of people don’t realize the wealth of knowledge involved in; the military. Especially in the marines one of our first branches of military, information dates all the way back till the 1700’s you learn things such as discipline, valor and honor. If you go to the military you’re bound to come out a better person.

I can’t begin to recall what the military has done for me or the way I felt when I was done smashing threw these obstacles. I do know if not for the military I would probably be in jail right now. The service provides a lot of opportunities for people who want then. Such as education, experience, and training that is unparalleled anywhere else. Despite all the wealth and knowledge of the most powerful military on the planet, the most valuable experience I came across in the military was the people. The best people I have met or probably ever will meet me met in the military. And to me it is so hard to come across good people. The military was and still is an important part of my life and always will be. Semper Fidelis.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Chadwick Jordan

ENGL 1020



Dope dealing is only performed well by a selected few people. Some of the few people that are successful are government that deals drugs including the United States of America. There is people and even countries that become rich off of dealing drugs. Drugs are used as a political tool, income, and control.

Chilling it was a very relaxed day at Tony’s house I would go over here and studies sometimes when waiting to meet up with a best friend of mine Capone-he was Tony’s nephew. The hot air outside was blazing it was one of them hot days where all I wanted to do was drink some cold water. I was laid back on the patio reading a book when I noticed at least three people coming and leaving in the past thirty minutes. Kids were playing and laughing and sexy women walking every where-where they are going I do not know. I would roll with Tony every time he had to leave to go meet a customer. We would leave and return quickly on average about 15 min. We would meet in secluded spots and make transactions. Every time before we would leave I would watch Tony use at what looked like a scope to me measure out bags of what looked like pounds of flour. Everyone in the house would be silent all of the time, as and don’t ask don’t tell policy. The smell of cocaine filled the air and an untrained nose probably could not smell this.

Most people think of dope dealers they think of the ground workers, the ones running around dealing with the crack heads. These are the dope dealers that I would say have the most problems. A successful dope has contact that could go as far back as child hood friends, clientele this is how you make money. The thing about dope dealing is that you have to be buying and selling constantly because if you sit on the dope it’s not worth the risk. People that generally sell larger amounts deal with a higher class of customer-this is the level to be at fewer problems for instance, a crack head snitching on you. And you also make money more quickly when you deal in larger amounts just not as much.

This particular person Tony I was observing has been selling dope for 20 years. That would make him a professional Wright. It takes a disciplined person to be a successful dope dealer. Dope dealing takes a person who has a lot of connects that buy large amounts. This is definitely not a job for the faint of heart. This is a guy that deals drugs to police officers, so I would say for the most part not a bad people’s person. He has used mainly his discipline and knowledge of the unsupervised society to benefit his success. One about him that I find odd is refusal to have a gun. This method has been very successful from him thus far. Not any one could be a dope dealer but there can be successful dope dealers. The most successful dope dealers in are times are the ones that you do not heat about because they have made there money legit.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Chadwick Jordan

Football is my favorite sport. A matter of fact football is a lot more than a sport to me. Football represents American heritage a lot better than baseball and a lot more thoroughly. Football has now became Americas favorite past time. I have played football all my life from little league to the marines and I will always continue to play football. I have plenty of cousins that play pro football one plays for the buccaneers and one of their last names is Ratliff. I have a lot of cousins to be simple. Football simply has the most athletic people on in the planet playing this game. To name one thing that is great about football is their weeding out and selection process-the best in the world at selecting the best athletes. Have you ever watched the combine, this is nothing compared to the dynamics to even get their from pee wee to high school from college to Canadian and Euro leagues it takes a lot to enter the NFL-allot of skill and talent.
I'm sure there is someone that would like to argue with me about some aspect of football you can't because h'm right period. Football originated in America. The concept of football was originated and like everything else influenced by Africa. Some fool might say that football came from a week sport like rugby truth is foot ball has nothing to do with rugby, which probably also came from Africa like everything else. I used to play ruby and any fat slob could play this sport. A matter of fact every other sport takes more athletic ability talent and skill then rugby.
You seen the Super Bowl today is a celebration of every thing that this country is and has become-the strongest people in the world, in the strongest country in the world and the strongest cultural in the world. You could take athletes out of football and put them in any sport and they would dominate that sport. Football has the best athletes other sports just have people with talents like hand to eye coordination, endurance, strength, speed and technique-Foot ball has it all.
Super Bowl Sunday was arguably the greatest Super Bowl of all times. Both teams were very talented and had potential hall of fammers and also the stats to back up any win including a Super Bowl. The most important thing that each team had was the best coaches in the NFL. This game was most notable live example of the progress of Amexems in America- inappropriately known as
African Americans-with two black head coaches the first to be in the Super Bowl and the first to win.
These are just some of the the reasons that make this such a great sport. And very few of the reasons that make this my favorite sport. If these are not reasons enough for you to consider football as the greatest sport on earth look deeper and I'm sure you will find some. One hardcore reason I will leave you with is Physics yes they also agree with me, think of it as size times speed time your ass being laid out. Unfortunately more people have also been seriously injured in this sport than any other sport despite the regulations. It is obvious that football is a lot more than a sport and and represents a lot more then than this country including just about every poetic thing you can think of. The fact that it represents this country and its heritage more than any Sport should be enough. This is simply the greatest sport on earth.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Chadwick Jordan
Engl 1020
Heres A Body for You
This girl here is showing nothing but sex. I'm absolutely positive that this is what this girl had on here mind. Here she is basically saying heres my body and I know it is sexy. Some looser flagged it already so I hope it is there when you look it up unlike a previous papper I wrote so now I'm writing this one. Here she is just showing here body off and she does have a nice body that is beautiful and delightful to look at. People should learn how to appreciate beautiful people and respect them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with showing your body off, hell she could have off been but naked showing everybody the insides of here ass and vagina as far as I care-this is freedom. I was watching this skit earlier about people acting out a rape and this was real important to me because my girlfriends cousin who was about six was recently raped by some old as piece of shit, another looser. People flagging things like this make me mad because women should and do have the right to do whatever they want and feel safe. People are going to be sick no matter what women where or act like even do. The people with the sick minds are the one's that have problems with women being free. I never said anybody had to wear cloths personally. These sick people just can't understand people beautiful people saying what they want how they want to say it-most communication is non-verbal between people anyway.
Some people aren't strong enough to keep their lives to there selves these are the people that we should be hard on, not the whole bunch. Say there is a real ugly looser that could not get a women if he tried this person needs to learn how to live with the fact that he is an ugly person that might die ugly and alone. Society is not strong enough on these type of people perverts that might not even be ugly-they might just want to control, violate, and abuse a women. The motives behind these people is what makes them weak and sick. There is a lot of people that if they can't find there soul mate would rather die celibate and with no kids, now the ability to do this is strength and power. Would it be a crime if I just went around murdering rapist and perverts.
I believe most women are strong enough to get through this kind of thing I do not feel any women should be ashamed of this what is there to be ashamed of you did not do anything. How could it be any womens fault some looser got the drop on them. And the said thing about sexual violated is it is usually someone close to the female. I am a person that believes that women and people are who they are before they get here, meaning that nothing can be changed no matter what once a diamond always a diamond regardless of how ruff it is-disfigured, burnt up, raped parallelized-no matter what.
I know can't everybody be on my level because there is a lot of weak people. When I see a video like this I appreciate it for what it is some beautiful girl letting me know that she is beautiful and she is and does have a nice body. And there is alot of beautiful girls and women. So don't be a perve just be who you are even if you are a looser. There is nothing that should ever be flagged at anytime-get your kids off the computer and T.V then put them out side stupid. I don't believe this is why people flag things. I believe people flag things because they are haters (jealous people) if you will or just perverts. Lady's please keep doing what you want, I might just respect you more for being so confident-then get bu naked myself. Love thanks.

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You Tube

MC Pee Wee

This is a very funny piece that I would like to share with whoever is willing to listen. As you can see if you click on this link:, that this is something that reminds you of the funniest thing that you ever saw. This definitely has a dominate hip hop cultural type feel and interacting with a lame fat fella type humor. This makes me ask myself questions like what is the funniest thing I ever saw and where do the funniest thing we see come from. I believe I can answer your question. There is things you need to be funny cute, sexy, dominate, and creative; then there could always be the x factor which is usually circumstantial. Well you might not agree with me if you one of them crazy people that laugh at everything or your high all the time. Back to my main point where we get our laughter from, and I would have to say the hip hop cultural if want to call it that-yes most predominately I believe this to be true, if you laugh at all.

The one thing for sure that this skit will do is make you laugh-thats the whole point right! The real joke is on me I would assume, because the volume is broke my computer, therefore I can not hear what they are saying, but I am positive it is a very funny skit. It just looked funny to me. This piece could have any effect on anybody considering that we live in a world full of unlimited possibilities, but I would have to say for the most part this is going to make you laugh, put you in a good mood and then put a smile on your face, unless there is something wrong with you. This is a rather short piece (short and sweet), long and sweet is niece also but for wright now short and sweet seemed very appropriate to me-bet its funnier than whatever video that you have.

I could tell that the person that posted this was just letting their self go and probably did not put to much thought into this piece, then again that is when the funniest things occur when their natural and genuine- this is what comedians try to capture genuineness, at least the good ones. Who know this person could have had a dream then remembered it is very creative that is one reason why I could tell that this is a genuine piece.

This fool in an ally that is an MC talking to some lame ass white dude maybe I'm just a good judge of character but it was not hard for me to tell that this is funny. Just to name a few things that made this funny to me was the scene the characters and probably what I will hear them say, I tried to lip read a little bit, and know have a pretty good idea of what they said.

The fact is that the hip hop cultural has made more people laugh then any body and made more money then anybody off of laughter. Thia definitely backs up my point that hip hop is predominately where the most laughs come from- ask the lady's probably which will prove my point further-they love to laugh, so you better get hip unless your gay or how ever you is chomp sucka MC. What is funny to you that is what you need to ask yourself maybe I'll get an chance to see and then talk sh&!. Ha Ha made you laugh sucka chomp hope you continue to laugh whether its hip hop or not enjoy.

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My Space

Express yourself, are some of the best words that I can use to explain the my space website. This website lets you express whatever you want to any way you want about yourself. Know this is a web site that I believe that we all are familiar with, now how familiar thats all you pimppin. I believe this web sites is probably the easiest and quickest way to get to know someone. We could probably all see this coming but I will tell you what I am sure glad that they have created this website. I believe this website leaves a lot of possibilities and opportunity for people. Communication in this world is as just as about important as the rest of your senses-your eyes, ears, nose and last possible least your mouth. The advanced ways that we communicate know days does make this a more proficient and efficient society-not to mention the vast opportunities and possibilities that this leaves us with I look forward to the beautiful things to come from communication in our society.

My space is the on the forefront of a our communication these days and it is dominating. This is more the an industry to me I believe this is just the beginning of human beings evolving our communication into something that is as that is infinitely a more proficient way of communication. Right know my space stands alone for websites allowing people to express them selves. Expression is a crucial part of communication which could determine if you communicate what you would like to at all. My space is a web site that is doing a lot for mankind right know. The fantastic thing about it is that this website represents what our society is all about which is freedom to do what ever you want to do. It is imperative that people understand the importance of the process to communication.

The freedom of this web site is what makes it what it is, more then the design of the website. Speaking of the web site which is a ease to navigate they have all the different subjects you would like to communicate in at the top of the web page, and this goes without mentioning all of the different links that make so easy to go where you want to go do what you want to do and say what you want to say. Back to the freedom which can never be enough freedom, the freedom to let go of anything that could be restricting you from growing and peaking into the person you are, if there is anything that is restricting you. This is the freedom that I can not stress enough that is what people need to grow, there might not be anything healthier for a person then freedom.

This web site has advanced from rather quickly from a quick growing communication phase that has just began and has plenty of more growing to go. It is going to be interesting helping out communication unfold into a beautiful paradox that will continue to change the way we live. For know continue to express yourself grow, and continue to grow thorough expression, only when it is all said and done we can be glad that we have expressed ourselves. Find your own space then grow.

Saturday, January 27, 2007


Chadwick Jordan

Engl. 1020

Post 1

Sexy women, gangsters, and expensive jewelry, cars and clothes are just a few of the things that can be found on this website that I like. Imagine a culture that has every beautiful things in the world this is what can be found at this website. The ability to embrace the mind and grow that is what art is all about to me and more art and culture can be found here then anywhere in the world. The lifestyle that I live is very much portrayed on this web site, but my connection goes deeper than relating to this website. I support and believe in what is portrayed on this website. You can say easily that this website is entertaining, but this is just a plus to the learning and growing that is gained from what this web site represents.

The genre of this website is respectfully a dominating culture that pushes even the limits of exactly what a genre means. There is really nothing else like this web site that can be found anywhere, let alone another breed to compare it to. If there was this would definitely be the hyena pit bull Anatolian Shepperd mixed to make the most dominate breed. A matter of fact this website is beyond dominate, it is set apartheid kind of genre that this website has is the most dominate culture on the planet, and it is a pleasure to experience.

This is improbably one of the few times I will be to say that the conventions involving this web site are unprecedented. Every thing about this website has taken creativity to another level, simply put there is nothing else like this nor has there been. To say that the what this website is anything but phenomenal is an understatement. Know I have said to much about the the design of the website and that is because that there is nothing to say but that it does a beautiful job of representing this cultural that it has set out to do with great prestige and everything I have explained. And this is what makes the cultural that this website represents so special.

The medium of this website. Can be interpreted in many ways. I happen to believe that the medium here started about five hundred years ago, regarding amexms (original name for Africa) or blacks struggle to be free from the bondage by the which began when the world was using slaves to fuel their economies. It has evolved into an unspeakable truth of much more. The culture of what this website represents know represents the cultural of man kind from beginning to end alpha to omega. This cultural represents so much as I mentioned earlier the unprecedented creativity of this cultural I believe not only explains where we came from as human beings but where we are going. So I definitely will continue to love sexy women, gangster philosophy and expensive jewelry, car and clothes.